Pre-Sessional Program Resources


Pre-sessional resources for Australian learning support lecturers in Learning and Teaching Centres

Aimed at learning support lecturers in Teaching and Learning Centres, these resources are designed for a pre-sessional program to support international students, with a focus on Chinese students beginning study in media and communication.

The program is spread over five days.  It can be run as a five day program prior to the semester, or spread out as a series of workshops across the semester.  Sessions have been designed to run in the numbered sequence shown in the table below.

Note that the Day 1 introductory sessions are unique to the pre-sessional program.  Sessions for Days 2-5 are also included in the set of resources for media and communication lecturers.

DAY 1:
Teaching and Learning in Australia
DAY 2:
Developing Participation Skills
DAY 3:
Developing Reading and Writing Skills
DAY 4:
Developing Writing and Research Skills
DAY 5:
Critical Thinking and Feedback
1.1 Setting the scene 2.1 Preparing to participate in lectures & seminars 3.1 Skimming, scanning & previewing 4.1 Organising ideas: summary & synopsis 5.1 Critical thinking & argumentation
1.2 Communicating Across Cultures 2.2 Participating in group discussions 3.2 Reading critically 4.2 Connecting theory & practice 5.2 Critical thinking & synthesis
1.3 Learning in a different cultural context 2.3 Note-taking strategies for lectures and seminars 3.3 Academic writing 4.3 Referencing & academic integrity 5.3 Organising & writing an essay
1.4 Being in control & reflecting

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